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                 Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart is from Queens, New York. Working as a dance teacher at various public schools, dance schools and arts centers as well as all over the Tri-state area instructing the youth in the movement & dance.  Her passions are a combination of spoken word poetry, physical poetry, and a love of performing. She maintains a well-rounded worth ethic and encompasses a dedication that can't be matched.  Diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of twelve, she continues to move through the oncoming challenges as well as continues to inspire and evoke passion through everything she does.​


What Does She Do?

         Dance,  Dance Instructor (Specialties: Hip Hop, Step, Ballet, African, & Contemporary, Choreographer, Spoken Word Poet,Website Design, Video Editor!

Why Do they Call you Queen TuT?

Fascinated by the love of my favorite hip hop dance technique "Tutting". I have dedicated my training around popping dance styles. Not to be confused with King TuT as deep as the history is, it is way simpler! Queen TuT is the divine right to master my craft. Any of us can be a King or Queen Of our craft. What is yours?


Tutting (v) The style was originally practiced by young funk dancers and is derived from the positions people were drawn in the days of the Ancient Egyptians. It is these positions seen in these portraits that have been adopted by dancers today. So when you “tut” you change the angles of your arms according to the beat. Those who are more experienced pop when changing from angle to angle thus refining the style. Tutting is still a greatly respected move and King Tut aka Mark Benson is widely acclaimed for pioneering the style
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