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The Tale of Anyabwile 

"The Unchained"

                          The Tale of Anyabwile (The Unchained) is a creative project directed by Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart that brings together artists from The Kingdom Tribe and the NYC Community youth. This project is sponsored by Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning by way of the Building Equity for Immigrant Indigenous and Native American Artist Initiative funded by New York Community Trust.


              The Theme of this work is highlighted by the struggles of the African, Caribbean & Hispanic generations to highlight the obstacles they have overcome while immigrating to America & the struggles of being people of color. As we are entering a new millennium where immigration statutes are changing we want to highlight the journey, the process, and also how laws are being molded from the past to present. This project will highlight the contributions made by immigrant people of color and also showcase the extraordinary journeys they have endured. 

"Anyabwile" (Tanzanian Origin) Meaning "God Has Unchained Me"